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The serene, picturesque and traditional community of Lyssos emerges at the northeast part of Paphos.

Entering the community, you will see he Primary School, a preserved house built during the 1930’s. At a distance of two hundred meters stands Lyssos Forest Station, which is administered by the Station of Stavros tis Psokas.
You will then reach the building of the Community Council that also hosts the Cultural Centre of the community.

Walking towards the centre of the community, you will reach the traditional coffee-shops, the main church of Panayia Chryseleoussi and the central square.

The traditional water spring and tank emerge right after the central square. Heading towards the village of Pelathousa, you will see the chapel of Prophet Elias standing at a distance of seven hundred meters.

The road on the right side of the spring leads to the neighboring village of Kinousa and to the chapel of Saint George, which was built during the 13th century.

It is worth visiting the crossroad uniting Lyssos with Kinousa. The monument honoring EOKA fighter Evagoras Pallikarides is located there, at the place where he was arrested by English troops.

Following the uphill road, located at the left side of the Monument, you will head towards the EOKA hiding places. On your way, you can see the Tree of the Year 2007, antrouklia, a small tree with “broad and unshaped” upper part. You can enjoy the magnificent landscape and the fresh air. Without a doubt, the breathtaking view of the mountain and the see, the marvelous colors and the scents of nature will calm and soothe you.

President of the Community Council, Mr. Christos Michael

 January 2021 
Community Council of Lysos
8800, Lysos
Tel: 26352105
Fax: 26352383
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