The beautification of the plaza, the fountain, and the church started in 1992. It is one unified project that is separated into various phases and it is estimated that it will be completed in about two years.

In old times the plaza was named "Gkremos" due to the region being a cliff / precipice, which was converted to a plaza in the beginnings of the 70's. Today the plaza is part of the unified plan. Next to the plaza stands the church of "Panagia Chryseleousa". The view from the plaza is unique and -westerly -it extends up to the sea of "Polis Chrysochous" and Akamas, while in the east and north one can see the forest that exists in the region.

Below the plaza lies the venue of the old hospital, which -unfortunately -was demolished formerly and will be converted to a park conjunct to the old fountains. In the park there will be a playground, a verdant area, lighting, and benches.